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C. B. Purdom


The Quarterly Theatre Review. Spring 1965.

Includes article: Shaw the Business Man by C. B. Purdom

Magazine editor: Ivor Brown

Published: 1965 by the British Drama League

Format: Magazine 8¾" by 6¼" with 60 pages


Charles Purdom died on 8th July 1965 at the QE2 Hospital in Welwyn Garden City, so the article highlighted here (which is a book review of G.B.S. and the Lunatic by Lawrence Langner) must have been amongst the last things he wrote. During the previous year, at the age of 80, Purdom visited New York where he gave talks on drama and on Meher Baba. My notes on Purdom's life can be found via my C. B. Purdom menu (link at top). Audio recordings of the NY talks, with transcripts, can be heard via the same menu.

Below, in image format, is the complete magazine (pages with Purdom article highlighted in red), plus a four-page insert issued with the magazine entitled Brief Chronicles [of the British Drama League]. I have included first an expanded contents list for the magazine in text format to facilitate Internet searches.

CONTENTS (expanded)

Theatre and Life


Mrs. Geoffrey Whitworth 1884-1964

Obituary. Phyllis Bell. Three Hundred Club.

Plays in Performance by J. W. Lambert


Maxibules (Marcel Aymé), Every Other Evening (Jack Popplewell), Hostile Witness (Jack Roffey), The Marriage Brokers (Robert Gillner), Julius Caesar (Lindsay Anderson), Waiting for Godot (Anthony Page), The Merry Wives of Windsor (André François), Electra (David Thompson), The Master Builder (National Theatre), The Crucible (Sir Laurence Olivier), The Royal Hunt of the Sun (Colin Blakely).

The Technician in the Theatre by John Wyckham


Young German Playwrights Face the Past by H. F. Garten


The Representative (Rolf Hochhuth), Marat/Sade (Peter Weiss), The Devil’s General (Carl Zuckmayer), The Man Outside (Wolfgang Borchert), Time of the Guiltless (Siegfied Lenz), Eiche und Angora / The Rabbit Race (Martin Walser trans. Ronald Duncan), The Black Swan (Martin Walser), The Case of J. Robert Oppenheimer (Heinar Kipphardt).

Folk and Fashion by Ivor Brown


The Provincial Tour by Norman Marshall


T. S. Eliot as Dramatist by E. Martin Browne

New Plays in Repertory


Theatre Bookshelf
Brains, Bricks and Magic by W. Bridges-Adams


Theatre Planning from The Architects’ Journal.
Actor and Architect (Tyrone Guthrie, Richard Southern, Sean Kenny, Christopher Stevens, Hugh Hunt, John English, ed: Stephen Joseph).

Lost Theatre by Ivor Brown


The St. James’s Theatre 1835-1957 (Barry Duncan).

Shaw the Business Man by C. B. Purdom


G.B.S. and the Lunatic (Lawrence Langner).

O Rare Ben Greet ! by Ivor Brown


Ben Greet and the Old Vic (Winifred Isaac).

Encouraging the Beginner by Cecil Bellamy


Plays and Pleasure (Frences Mackenzie, Donald FitzJohn).
Working in the Theatre (Joan Llewelyn).

Harrow Shakespeare by I.B.


The Tragedy of Macbeth (ed: Ronald Watkins, Jeremy Lemmon).

Long Plays by Hilary Gardner


The Excursion (N. C. Hunter).
The Mortal Bard (C. E. Webber).
Down to Brass Tacks (Derek Benfield).
Too Soon for Daisies (William Dinner, William Morum).
With Thunder in Places (Vera Allen).
End of the Honeymoon (Sam Bate).
Inquiry at Lisieux (Marcelle-Maurette)

Short Plays


The Lady and the Char (Maggie Northe, George Taylor).
The Trial of Harry Mann (Michael Dines).
Poor Mr Pembleton (Stuart Ready).
Double, Double (James Saunders).
Not to Worry (Barbara von Kampen).
The Old Girls (Joan Forman).
Escape Route (Stuart Ready).
A Loop of String (Maxine Kay).
Hearing at Eleven (Arthur Hessayon).
The Japanese Doll (Jean Garstang).
The Poisonous Miss Zephyr (William Dinner, William Morum).



New Plays Quarterly No. 68


The Party (Derek Benfield), Even Less Legal ! (Ian Stuart Black), The Lovely Silence (Dean Jordan), Incident at Dago Creek (Anthony Booth), A Miniature Beggar’s Opera (Constance Cox).


New Plays Annual for Women No. 9


Not in the Guide Book (Joy Anderson), Ask a Silly Question (Richard Tydeman), Madame Azani (John James), The Leg-Pullers (Mark Langham), The Battle of Conder’s End (Mark Howard).



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Brief Chronicles No. 40 (4-page insert)